To get a flavour of who I am, please click the click to visit the Wordgeyser blog at www.wordgeyser.com

All photographs © Jane Dean and should not be used without the necessary permission


p4250065.jpg     ams-canal-side1.jpg

cropped-dsc044721.jpg     cropped-france-2010-0511.jpg

007.jpg             DSC05275

Trip to chatterbox falls 003    DSC04332




2 thoughts on “WORDGEYSER BLOG

  1. Hi Pat, Although there hasn’t been a post for a while Wordgeyser is not inactive. I have between 3-5 readers contact me each week for information on specific subjects raised in the blog. The number of visitors to the blog continues to soar with over 72k hits. The reason for no posts for a while? An international move and parental/family issues which always have to come first. Thanks for visiting and appreciate you stopping by!

  2. Hi Pat – forgot to say thanks for bringing the non-connection of the site to my attention. Technical glitch which I’m assured will be sorted in a few hours. Thanks for taking the time to point this out!

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